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    Patience is the most powerful thing you can do while chasing ur dreams.

    While you aspire for big things you shouldn’t let little things get to you.

    In all, you do focus is the right tool you need in other not to lose ur grip.

    Struggles are preparation for a greater height in life, while you experience them, do not see them like a death sentence, determination, and patience are all you need to break free.

    It doesn’t matter how late you started what matters is how much work you put in to get to your turning point.

    You should stop procrastinating and start doing cause procrastination brings no results.

    Sometimes when you fail at something or did not handle a particular situation well, there are always consequences that caused ur failure, look for the cause and find a solution and tackle it.

    Faith and prayer are fertilizers and not the actual seed, you should start cultivating something for it to fertilize, don’t bore God with too much asking when you aren’t cultivating.

    You should take a seat and name your battles to enable you to fight them accordingly.

    You are not the most troubled depressed, confused, and the one who things aren’t going well, take a deep breath, think of a way out you will find, and avoid too much pressure on yourself.

    As long as you choose determination, a day will come when you will find a solution that will turn ur life for good.

    When you have a problem calm down and think to come up with a lasting solution don’t be in a haste to come up with a short-term solution that still throws you back to the same problems.

    Where you came from shouldn’t be an excuse for negativity, there are many who came from the worst but saw it as a motivation to push through, #Be positive

    When you admire someone don’t pray to be like that person cause you don’t know the stories behind that person rather pray and work towards becoming the best version of yourself.

    Your battles are equally an important aspect of your life. Keep fighting them until you defeat them.

    Don’t compare yourself to others trust the process, believe in yourself, and your future.

    Failure is a step to success if you keep trying, how many times you fail doesn’t count what counts is your ability to succeed.

    Life won’t always be smooth as we want it to be, no matter how rough it is, we should work smart and persevere to emerge victoriously.

    Everything in life is temporary, the only constant thing in life is change

    You have been trying your best, but it looks like your best isn’t enough, someone else’s isn’t doing half of your best yet they keep excelling and you think you are the worst person in life, understand that everyone’s time frame is different, consistency is the word I have for you, don’t give up.

    © Evangel Hyacinth(Eva)

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